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Tell All Your G I R L F R I E N D s ⋆

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Girlfriend Collective is a Seattle-based company that produces activewear clothing, with lines featuring leggings, shorts, bras, bodysuits, tops and more, made from recycled and slow-fashion materials. The most popular items are the leggings, which come in several styles, each differing in recycled material, the Compression leggings created from old water bottles and the LITE leggings from fishing lines removed from the ocean, along with a wide variety of colors, some vibrant and bold, others muted and neutral. These leggings are available for purchase directly from Girlfriend Collective’s website and from Nordstrom’s website at a moderately-pricy penny. The full line of Girlfriend Collective ranges from $26 to $128, but the comfort you’ll find once you slide them on will make every cent worth it. All orders sent from Girlfriend Collective come with a reusable pouch made from the materials used in their bras, so to all the people out there like me who live for the cute packaging: you’ll love what you’ll see.

So, I get it- these leggings are a bit expensive and that may seem daunting, but I recommend you think about the benefits of these leggings (yes, there are REAL benefits!). Girlfriend Collective’s products are ethically produced and are fighting to change fashion industry standards globally, meaning their consumers are advocating for this positive movement through their buying habits.

If you are still concerned about the price, you can get a code for $15 off your purchase when you sign up for texts. So, go on and visit their website,, pick out your favorite color and style and thank me later. ⋆

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