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Searching for a Scent? My Favorite Perfumes

One day, you (and I, and everyone else on Earth) will think back to 2020 and our thoughts will bounce around our heads, but without a doubt, a face mask will come to mind at some point. For the last eight months, we have had half our faces concealed at all (public) times, and hey- I'm not completely complaining about that, it has it's advantages, but I really miss lipstick. I feel like lipstick is the finishing touch on every outfit, every look, and just gives a BAM-factor. But, as mentioned, the mask, that lovely thing, prevents this look-transformer to shine, so I've had to strengthen my other statement features. My brows: thriving, my hair: fresh cut and Brazilian Blowout, nails: layered up with strengthening treatment. But something that I absolutely can not leave the house without? A scent of some sort.

I am fairly proud of my perfume collection (even if many of them are minis or deluxe samples), but I'll admit I tend to stick to the same few scents, switching between them depending on my mood.

If you are searching for a new scent, check out my favorites below! ⇩

Tara Perfume Oil

From: The Perfumed Dragon


Okay, so this one, you'd probably assume I'd love because, duh- it has my name in it. And it's true, I love this perfume oil, but not only because it has my name in it's title (or the fact I was named after it), but because it has a unique and soft warmth and a subtle floral note. This is a perfume oil, and I have mine in a small bottle, so when I use this one, I dab it on my wrists and then onto my index finger to massage behind my ears. A little goes a long way with this and the scent tends to be on the bolder side to those who are not accustomed to traditional perfume oils.

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

From: Dior


Once upon a time, I received a sample of this perfume and bless the soul of whoever gave it to me. This quickly became one of my top favorites, can't you tell? This perfume falls in the warm florals category and has notes of grasse rose, bergamot, and rosewood. I would suggest this perfume for anytime you want to smell pretty and inviting, so it is great for day or nighttime wear. The literal only con to this beautifully-bottled Dior perfume, is that the cost is not cheap... in fact, it's kind of expensive. But splurge anyways, BUY IT.

City of Women

From: Burnin' For You


Confession: this perfume I don't actually own. I bought this for my sister for some holiday, and while it is now her signature scent, I will steal of swipe whenever given the opportunity. This perfume has a fresh scent to it, with notes of crushed tea leaves, bergamot blossom, and musk, and according to their website, is reminiscent of tangerine trees and marmalade skies. This perfume comes in a rollerball with a coconut oil base and is hand-blended in Brooklyn, NY. I highly suggest this perfume to those who want to attract the attention of everyone who steps into the same room as them.

J'adore In Joy

From: Dior


This perfume was gifted to me and fell right into the daily favs. Another floral scented perfume, J'adore in Joy is complimented with fruity scents that produce key notes including fleur de sel, ylang ylang, and peach. This is a perfume that I tend to wear more often in the morning and daytime because it bright and lighter on the nose than my other favorites and makes me feel (and smell) fresh.

If you buy any of my favorite perfumes, let me know what you think of them! Leave me a comment with your favorite scent!

TR ★

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