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Updated: Mar 20

Okay, listen here ladies (or gents)- we are no longer spending a pretty penny on a pair of lacy panties (okay, maybe not gents but I'm not stopping you) that are just asking to be ripped after the first wash or wear. Also off the to-do list, giving all our money to huge corporations that sell over-priced, low-quality, and uncomfortable products.

What we are going to do is start shopping small more, with businesses that advocate for better things. I'm talking better for the environment, better quality, better overall-freaking-vibes. I'm talking Hara the Label, baby.


Hara the Label is an Australian brand that sells 100% organic bamboo intimates and loungewear that are hand-dyed with plant and vegetable dyes. Because they are made with specially-crafted organic bamboo, Hara guarantees that there were no harmful chemicals, pesticides, or other yucky stuff added to the production of the fabric. Instead, this fabric is constructed to be hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or other skin concerns. Wear Hara not only if you want your skin to be treated how it truly deserves, but also because of the impact it has on the environment. I know you care about good, ol' Mother Earth, so you probably will want to hear these quick facts about making bamboo clothing.

~ Breathe better with bamboo: their plants produce 30% more oxygen and absorb more oxygen than trees

~ Bamboo grows super fast and very condensed (meaning lots of bamboo in a small amount of space)

~ Bamboo thrives on natural rainwater to grow (compared to cotton which requires almost 3000 liters of water for just one t-shirt)

Plus, they have teamed up with EJFoundation, the Environmental Justice Foundation, to donate profits from every purchase to assisting in aid for environmentally-stressed areas of the world. So yes, your purchase is making an impact on the world! Hara and EJF's focus is on the production of cotton in these areas of the world and the use of pesticides and chemicals, and together they strive to improve the quality of production and ban the use of the "bad stuff". EGF's other focuses include protecting our oceans and climate and increasing social advocacy for these causes.


Hara has several different styles of undies, bras, shirts, shorts, and pants, each available in a wide range of colors. They use three plants to produce their dyes: turmeric, indigo, and madder root, and have a total of nine different shades: Charcoal, Cherry, Pumpkin, Olive, Pink, Powder Blue, Mauve, Honey, and Ivory.

To keep your Hara items in top condition, the brand recommends that you wash them by hand separately from your other laundry, but after the first initial wash, you'll be golden to throw it in the washer if desired (on cold!). I purchased three items (a bra and two undies) from Hara, all in the shade Cherry, and I am O B S E S S E D.

Keep reading to find out why I'm head over heels for Hara the Label!


First thing I wore when my Hara package arrived was the Stella Low Cut Bra. The Stella Bra is described as "pure comfort" for smaller-cup sizes that require a light-lift and support level, and believe me when I tell you, it is true! I ordered it in a size medium and it fits me perfectly (for reference, I usually wear a 32D/34C). Compared to my other bralettes and sports bras, the Stella bra seems to melt into my skin and I forgot that I was even wearing anything at all. I think that this bra would be best for times when you are not very active or bobbing around- the girls were bouncing when I picked up the pace and jogged for a moment- but if you are looking for something that would be better for a more active lifestyle, I would suggest the Jacky Sports Bra. I got this for my Mom as a gift and I am really tempted to add one for myself to my next order. Something that I think is important to point out is that the Stella bra straps are not adjustable, which luckily wasn't an issue for me.

Next, we have the undies! First, the Maya Low Waist Undies. They are low-cut, provide moderate coverage, and have minimal elastic. Originally, I ordered these as a pair of undies for days when I want to be as comfortable as possible (girls, you know what I'm talking abouttttt) but they quickly found their way into my wear-for-any-occasion collection. The second style of undies that I got was the Eva G-String, which is actually more like a regular thong than an itty-bitty g-string. The Eva undie is designed to rest below or above your hips, giving you the option to have it low or high-rise. Now, I don't know about everyone else, but finding a thong that is actually comfortable can be challenging, so that's why I was SO happy to find out that this one is perfect! Halfway through my first day wearing them, I found myself ready to purchase more because of how comfortable they are.

So, the final conclusion: you need some Hara the Label intimates in your life. We all do.

If you are ready to buy some really soft bras and undies (or their clothing!!!) and feel good about doing it, check out Hara the Label. Honestly, think about all the positives of buying from Hara: more comfortability for you, designed for sensitive skin (shouldn't all intimates be meant for sensitive areas??), and better for the environment.

Have I convinced you to get something comfy from Hara yet? Nodding your head yes, right? Click here to sign up for a coupon to save $5 on your order.

If you buy anything from Hara the Label, let me know how much you love it!

Visit Hara the Label!

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