Jack White at The Mayan

Jack White’s tri-city tour was announced just a week before his show at the Mayan Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, and tickets sold out in seconds… or so I had thought. Knowing I would find a way to go, I waited as the universe led me to Jack. That’s how it went right?… I found tickets and had a great time with my gal pal Emma. 

Jack White Forever

My new favorite type of show:


As we entered the venue, we were required to place our phones inside a little pouch that locked until the end, when it was unlocked for us. The night seemed to lose its sense of time; Emma and I took turn guessing the time as we watched the DJ flip through vinyl records. Anxiously, we waited for what was arranged for us, a show completely different than we've experienced before. 

I try to go to as many shows as I can, and considering how close in proximity I am to Los Angeles and the city's constant flow of different music, I find myself very grateful for opportunities like Jack’s concert, because it is rare for events like this to happen. At most shows nowadays, it is no shock to find hundreds of phones up in the air the second an artist hits the stage. I had the opportunity to enjoy a show like I never had before.

Jack’s set was amazing. He is honestly one of the more different and odd performers and artists, but it is what I love so much about him. His music and art is so different and his style range is so vast, his ability to hop between songs like We Are Going To Be Friends and Cut Like A Buffalo highlights his creative variation.

Jack White is one of my most favorite musicians, forever in my heart. If you do not listen to his music yet, I highly recommend you do!!! 
My suggestion song:   You've Got Her In Your Pocket (The White Stripes)
 -Tara ⭑