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Acne Solutions: Rhiannon's Story

Rhiannon had tried all the skin care techniques and tricks she could find before giving one last effort into clearing her face with Curology. After just a few months of using Curology, Rhiannon's face has cleared completely, giving her confidence and a glow to match her soul. Personally, I too use Seeba Med (the face cleanser mentioned) and I love it! I received a HUGE bottle as a gift and I just finished the whole thing, and throughout the entire time using it, it never broke me out, irritated, or dried out my skin.

Comment below or on her video if you want to tell us your thoughts!

Tara ⭑
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A post shared by Tara Rush (@shesarush) on May 10, 2018 at 9:40am PDT Living in a neighborhood with sidewalks is something I shouldn't take advantage of! For 13 years, I lived in a neighborhood with only one sidewalk, that went from the top of the street straight to the bottom, and for the last nearly three years, I have lived in a house in a bustling little community. The other day, sunny California (which is currently raining...) was beaming with warm air and pretty skies, so naturally I wanted to be out in it. Rhiannon (my sister) and I went on a walk around the blocks I haven't ever been down before, and we found some really cute houses and even better flowers! Here is a little collection of photographs of flowers that we stumbled upon.... Tara ⭑