Body With Bella: How She Lost 70 Pounds

Watching your friends prosper is a good feeling.
My gal pal Isabella has changed her life by transforming her choices into healthy, conscious ones!
She quit her full time job at McDonald's to take control of her life, and through that journey, she's lost 70 pounds. Watch her new video and subscribe to her YouTube channel to hear her story and tips on getting healthy!


Acne Solutions: Rhiannon's Story

Rhiannon had tried all the skin care techniques and tricks she could find before giving one last effort into clearing her face with Curology. After just a few months of using Curology, Rhiannon's face has cleared completely, giving her confidence and a glow to match her soul. Personally, I too use Seeba Med (the face cleanser mentioned) and I love it! I received a HUGE bottle as a gift and I just finished the whole thing, and throughout the entire time using it, it never broke me out, irritated, or dried out my skin.

Comment below or on her video if you want to tell us your thoughts!

Tara ⭑


A post shared by Tara Rush (@shesarush) on May 10, 2018 at 9:40am PDT Rhiannon and I went on a walk around the blocks I haven't ever been down before, and we found some really cute houses and even better flowers! Here is a little collection of photographs of flowers that we stumbled upon.... Tara ⭑

New Artist: Miles

Hi, hello, what's going on?
I am here to share with you music from my new friend Miles! His sound is Hip Hop and Rap, and his vibe is chill, with catchy beats and lyrics that have you singing along halfway through the song. As a brand new artist, Miles, is working to release a collection of songs to spark his exposure. As of now, he has a few songs on Soundcloud! His favorite released, and most played, song is Free. When I listen to Free, I close my eyes and can imagine myself walking slow-mo through a club, dancing along with the beat. The song really does give off a vibe, so go check it out!

Remember to support your friends!! That includes musicians, artists, photographers, writers, designers, and anyone else who puts their heart and soul into their projects.
-Tara ⭑

Jack White at The Mayan

Jack White’s tri-city tour was announced just a week before his show at the Mayan Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, and tickets sold out in seconds… or so I had thought. Knowing I would find a way to go, I waited as the universe led me to Jack. That’s how it went right?… I found tickets and had a great time with my gal pal Emma. 

Jack White Forever

My new favorite type of show:
As we entered the venue, we were required to place our phones inside a little pouch that locked until the end, when it was unlocked for us. The night seemed to lose its sense of time; Emma and I took turn guessing the time as we watched the DJ flip through vinyl records. Anxiously, we waited for what was arranged for us, a show completely different than we've experienced before. 

I try to go to as many shows as I can, and considering how close in proximity I am to Los Angeles and the city's constant flow of different music, I find myself very grateful for opportunities like Jack’s concert, because …

A Glimpse Inside The Natural Products Expo West

The fam and I attended this year's Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California this past weekend. I hadn't been in a few years, so I was pretty excited to go see all the new brands and companies I haven't been introduced to yet. We got so many bags full of great samples and products, and I can't wait to share my favorites with you guys. Keep posted for a video coming soon with all the best stuff I found! Until then, watch this video for
A Glimpse Inside The Natural Products Expo West!


Hi, hello, welcome back to my blog 💛

I'm here to share with you a S U P E R TASTY smoothie recipe!! This is the first, of what will eventually be many awesome smoothie/smoothie bowl recipes!

I recently bought a blender after waiting almost 2.5 years into moving into my own (rented and shared) house, and honestly I don't know why I waited so dang long. This has already been one of the best home pieces I've boughten and I've only had it about three weeks. It's just so easy and simple and light and I could keep going on, but I'm just going to stop there and drop the recipe...

Blend away my friends 💁

Tropical Smoothie Recipe:
overall time: literally 3 minutes
effort: minimal 

1.5 Cups Coconut Milk (I use unsweetened vanilla flavor and my favorite so far is brand: So Delicious!)
1 Medium-Large Banana (Break into chunks and toss on in)
1 Cup Frozen Mango (I use Trader Joes)
1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple (Also from TJS)
3 TBSP Hemp Hearts (Trader Joes please sponsor me)
Splash Wa…